Sunday 2 August 2015

rousey vs correia result

  • Rousey knocks out Correia in latest rout.Ronda Rousey is quickly turning into one among the foremost painting athletes in sports. On an evening once several of the most important superstars from sports and diversion, as well as NBA stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, NFL star Aaron Richard Rodgers, and actors Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne \"The Rock\" Johnson were tweeting to her to want her luck, she rose to the occasion all over again.

    She required solely thirty four seconds now to retain her women\'s bantamweight title over nuclear physicist Correia, however this wasn\'t a similar previous Rousey. 

    Her hanging, that some same was her weakness, semiconductor diode her to the one-sided ending within the main event of UFC a hundred ninety at HSBC Arena Sabbatum in Rio {de Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Janeiro, Brazil. 

    sixteen seconds over Alexis Davis at UFC a hundred seventy five and fourteen seconds over Cat Zingano at UFC 184 -- however within the manner of end, it had been most likely her most spectacular.
    An emotional Rousey, WHO same she was infuriated by Correia\'s pre-fight trash speak that she took as shots at her family, dedicated the win to the late skilled scrapper \"Rowdy\" Roddy Piper. Piper, WHO died in his sleep Fri, had given Rousey permission to use his \"Rowdy\" nickname.

    \"I hope him and my pop had a decent time looking nowadays,\" same Rousey, fighting back tears.

    Anyone WHO loves looking associate degree elite contestant at his or her peak had to own a decent time. Rousey is solely one among the best athletes within the world and he or she performs underneath the pressure like few others.

    She has her critics, WHO largely show jealousy owing to her fame and success, as a result of there\'s nothing she does not do properly.

    Correia had overwhelmed 2 of Rousey\'s teammates, Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler, so Rousey referred to as her out when a 14-second ending over Zingano in la in Feb.

    Rousey was infuriated by a Correia comment within the build-up to the fight during which Correia documented suicide. Rousey\'s father, Ron, committed suicide.

    \"I can provide her a repetition if she does not cry an excessive amount of.\" Correia same.  \"She cannot take the pressure. i will be able to provide her the possibility to urge the belt back. Please, do not kill yourself, do not kill, as a result of i will be able to provide you with the repetition.\"

    Correia same later she did not fathom Rousey\'s father\'s suicide, however Ronda Rousey same she did not believe that. Rousey same before the fight she needed to beat Correia thus badly that nobody else would bring her family into it.

    Asked if the win was satisfying, Rousey same, \"I hope no one picks on my family any further once it involves fights. I hope this was the last time.\"

    The addition of top-notch hanging to the remainder of her game makes the foremost dominant fighter within the world even scarier. She\'d shown signs of excellent hands, most notably in her 2014 ending over Sara McMann at UFC one hundred seventy that, by comparison, appears like a marathon at sixty six seconds.

    But ne\'er in a very fight did she swear exclusively on her hands before.

    She went for a throw, however Correia fended her off. However, Correia fell and somersaulted backward toward the cage. once she need to her feet, Rousey was there and ripped off a mixture. She hurt Correia, WHO tried to maneuver away. Rousey landed a knee and so a brief right to the temple that sent Correia down face initial.

    It was beating the striker at her own game.


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